Tuesday, March 02, 2010


Welcome to ROCKTOPO rock climbing blog. We have created it as a complement to our rocktopo.com web site. Here we will periodically upload news and events related with Montserrat as well as details on the day-to-day rock climbing activity we carry out in this wonderful stone universe that fires rock climbers imagination like no other place on Earth. More than that, we will be very happy to post comments and pictures of your Montserrat experience.

Rising in the catalan heartland and less than one hour’s drive from Barcelona and its metropolitan area, Montserrat is the only top ten world class rock climbing destination that close to such a big and dynamic city. Plenty of climbers visit it every weekend and some of them call it home year round. Both cutting edge free climbers and state of the art wall rats push the standards of rock climbing up year after year, proud heirs of the pioneers that back in the 1920s roped up for the first time to reach a rocky summit in this country.

Montserrat has magic within. Craddle of catalan mountaineering and birth place of acrobatic climbing, it is Europe’s Yosemite. The sheer, dramatic walls, the amount of established routes (Somewhere between 4,000 and 5,000), and their challenging nature are unique. Come and see!

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  1. Hi there, I am trying to access www.rocktopo.com to buy your guidebook for Montserrat. I keep getting the same error when I am trying to access the website. Please contact me on martin.quach@gmail.com - as I need to book in 10 days!! :)